A note to our visitors

When you visit Summit for the first time we want you to know what to expect when you arrive.

Our services includes the singing of hymns along with contemporary Christian choruses. Prayer is part of our time together as well as giving of our offerings to the ministry of the church. And of course all of this works its way to the expository preaching of scripture. You will find that letters of God's word are preached through chapter by chapter and verse by verse and sometimes even word by word.

Summit conducts one worship service during the week. We meet on Sunday morning at 10:00. Our Sunday service usually last around an hour and a half. Also at Summit we encourage that families worship together. So if you have children please know that we all worship together and find that a real blessing!

Dress at Summit is either casual or formal. You come dressed as God would have you to dress.

The membership of Summit looks forward to welcoming you!